Sunday, April 10, 2011

A sweet little girl's 1st birthday party

My second party of the day was for an adorable little girl's first birthday. Her mother just started making fancy cakes using fondant--look at this masterpiece!
I actually used to work alongside her in my past life as a teacher's aide--she is an art teacher, so I really appreciate her enthusiasm for my work!
Here are some of the kids I drew:

This youngster was shy about being photographed, and her mom had wandered off, so I just took a picture of the caricature. 
Below are the birthday girl and her two older brothers--whom I drew separately at various times, as the boys had a bounce house to jump in and all kinds of better things to do than sit for a caricature. ;-)
At the end of the night, I drew the birthday girl's color caricature. And she was still awake and in a happy mood as you can see!
Thank so much Joy and Alex, for having me!!

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