Sunday, April 10, 2011

A cute little boy's 1st birthday party

Yesterday was a busy one for me, I had three gigs in one day.  :-)
And two of them were were first birthday parties! My earlier one, in the afternoon, was for a little guy---I'd drawn at his big sister's first birthday party two years ago (it's in the frame on the floor in this photo).
Here are some of them, the hostess hung them on her mantel while the party was in progress. I actually did remember some of the guests' faces when they sat in front of me again!
Of course, the birthday boy got a color one:
So did his sister, with her BFF Jessie:
This lovely lady, the children's great-grandmother, told me she had six children, twenty-three grandchildren, forty-seven great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren!!! WOW!
A few more fun faces--

 I had a blast as usual, thank you for having me once again!:-)


  1. Hi! Can you tell me if you've ever encountered an unhappy (or really upset) guest at a party that didn't like the caricature that you made of them? How often does that happen, and how do you handle a situation like that? Thanks!

  2. Hi Anonymous, I've certainly had a few people who were unhappy or upset with their caricature. Rarely, it is a child who is very sensitive about ears or teeth, and usually has a parent hovering who is telling me right in front of the child to "fix" this or that. In most cases, though, (especially since I've reached a skill level where I know I produce good likenesses, and my exaggerations are on the kinder end of the mild-to-wild spectrum) it boils down to the caricature not matching up with the person's mental self-image of themselves, and/or they are lacking in the sense-of-humor department. In those cases, usually the person's partner and friends are all saying, "It's TOTALLY you" which either makes the person feel better, or not. I've had some situations where one person in a couple caricature (usually the woman) dislikes it but the other loves it. At a party where it's free to the guest, it's no big a retail situation, they don't pay if they end up not buying. However, I won't take returns if they walk away with it, it's too easy to take a photo and then decide they want their money back. That's happened to artists I know. All in all, this happens once or twice out of thousands of drawings, so I don;t worry about it too much.Thanks for your question!