Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy FOURTH birthday to my blog--and first post of 'From Emily's Archives'

I've been blogging about 'my caricaturist life' now for four years---since April 16, 2007!

Of course, I was caricaturing before the blog.

Because of my recent major clean-out-throw-away binge, many drawings and old, old things that were hidden in the black hole of one of my sheds (Yes, I was Mrs. Arthur Two-Sheds Jackson in a past life) have been found. So every now and then, my blog will feature a "From Emily's Archives" post---to illustrate (ha) the erratic path of this particular crayola-wielding, wall-scribbling toddler to a grown-up professional caricature artist. And not necessarily in chronological order. Right-brained people don't work that way...

I'll start with some of my very first celebrity samples from 1996-7, when I did freebies at my kids' school  events:
Instead of Copics and Artstx, back then I used (horrors!) Sharpies and Rembrandt pastels. And my stuff was so stiff! I wasn't fast then, either. There's alot to be said for perseverance...


  1. Shows how far you've come, happy birthday blog!

  2. Thanks Niall! I am happy to see things going so well for you too!