Monday, April 18, 2011

A TRIPLE birthday party

My second event on Saturday was another triple birthday celebration. No, this time wasn't for triplets again, it was for the boyfriend (and his parents) of a lovely lady who found me through my Gigmasters page.
I won't reveal the ages of the matriarch and patriarch, but the BF was celebrating the
Big Five-Oh...
Here are the Elvis-loving mom and dad:
And here is the birthday boy:
And an assortment of guests:
 Above: She is very fond of her Blackberry, and was so intently using it while I was drawing them that her partner told me (right in front of her) to make sure to include the phone! And she didn't hear and got a surprise when I showed them! :-)

I had an absolute wonderful time chatting to everyone at this party. Some of the drawings ended up on the piano:
After I finished drawing, I was happy to see Elvis wasn't the only revered musician for this family:
(and yes, I know I usually only photograph decorated rest rooms at post-proms, but I couldn't help myself here!)
MY favorite band!
And I am on cake-pic kick now, too:
Thank you so much for having me. I love my job!

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