Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Latest FB avatars (that I know of!)

Every now and then, I check out who has joined my FB Caricatures by Emily page, and happily find that people are using my caricatures as their profile pictures! Here are the latest two, one is from last year's State  Fair of Texas, and one is from a recent birthday party. Thank you for the honor, ladies!
I'd be willing to bet there are more avatars out there that I just don't know about--so many people mention doing this (not to mention myself)  when I hand them their drawing... :-)
If you have, or know of someone who's done this, let me know!

Update: I heard from a Facebook fan--someone who modeled at one of our NCN/ISCA conventions at a seminar years ago, she put up my life-drawing of her as her avatar! :-)
Thank you and nice to hear from you!

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