Monday, April 18, 2011

The West Chester Spring Bridal Show...included Caricatures by Emily

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to try a new avenue to market my wedding caricatures: a bridal show (held in an impressive banquet facility, Milestone Events) that featured seven caterers, a DJ, vendors for invitations, flowers, ice sculptures, and bridal party gifts, even a horse and carriage service...and my caricatures!
I had two laptops and my digital frame going full blast to show people the myriad things you can do with a caricature:
My Mac+ Intuos demonstrated how I create digital caricatures, and the Dell had a ten-minute Powerpoint presentation playing with wedding samples only. I also had two actual-size wedding sign-ins on display: one with a signature mat, and one printed on foam core board, which attracted some attention. The 
digi-frame on my easel showed my other repertoire, from live stuff to celebrity stuff to editorial caricature...

I also brought along my favorite photographer/salesman so he could chat to more people about my work, while I drew brides. :-) He was also good for bringing me tasty tidbits, including a fantastic fresh ginger mojito!
Uh oh! Usually I don't drink and draw!

Raffles were held for various prizes; someone won a free digital caricature from me. And John was able to get pictures from vantage points I usually can't:

Below are some sequence shots: 1. In progress, 2. Reaction! 3. With completed caricature. :-)

I did draw one bride who brought her fiance along:
Yes, he gets "Joaquin Phoenix" alot.

So, we'll see what happens. Some of the other vendors told me that work from wedding shows tends to come in time, depending on when the weddings actually are. Many of the brides I spoke to are getting married in 2012, but there was one optimist who hopes to pull one together for this June! It was fun meeting so many people all in the same industry.

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