Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Emily's Archives #2: Royal wedding 1981

The last time there was a major Royal Wedding, I was an entralled teenager--- and I sketched the new Princess of Wales many times. It's hard to believe it was almost thirty years ago that Charles and Diana married. I actually remember doing this conte drawing in art class my senior year, the fall of 1981:
Ah, the likeness is sorta close, but not quite there. (Improvement in that came with age and practice--- I keep wanting to go in and fix it!)
Of course, wake-up time is 3 am tomorrow, to watch Diana's son William marry his Kate. I think this marriage has a much better chance of succeeding. Back then, despite the fairy tale aspect,  I had doubts about a twelve-year age gap and the very short and formal courtship of Diana and sad how it all turned out. Hopefully William and Kate will have every happiness.

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