Thursday, June 5, 2008

Copic Sketch Markers

For live caricaturing, my favorite marker is the Copic Sketch. I've tried many markers over the years, and this one has features that make it perfect for me.
It's capable of varied line quality (thick and thin) with its replaceable brush nib, and it's refillable, which makes it very economical (compared to pens that get used up and tossed). The ink doesn't stink to high heaven and it dries quickly. They're not readily available in art supply stores, so I usually buy a few pens and refills on the internet every now and then. The other day, it seemed like a good idea to buy 20 refills because I am always running low anymore....
So I sent in my order to and received this amusing email from one of their staff:
Hi Emily,
I just wanted to make sure you realized each Various Ink refill is a bottle of ink and will refill a marker up to 12 times.
I say this only because I had someone who bought 15 refills once and when they got them realized they ordered waaaayyyyy too much ink.
Just confirm you wanted 19 Black/Special Black refills (12 of which will be 110-Special Black) and 1 R02-Flesh refill.
If you do confirm it, can you quench my curiosity and let me know what you use it for?

I replied that I was a professional caricaturist and that I actually NEED all that ink, and gave him my blog link to visit.:-)


  1. ......and of course you mentioned that you know this handsome caricaturist in Belgium.....

    Great post,Emily. So he actually wanted to sell less? or at least give you the chance to do so?

    Must buy there right away ! talk about client-friendly !

  2. Yes, I thought that too..great customer service!

  3. Thanks Emily, I am training myself to do live caricature drawing. I ordered the Copic because you mentioned it and and the Tombow which was mentioned by Elgin Subwaysurfer. I tried the Crayolas first. Will see what I like through practice!